Leading Men

Paranormal Leading Men

What’s better than a centuries old vampire with supernatural urges?

One of the first vampires ever created. Elijah is much more powerful than a typical vampire – and he has the accent and sharp suits to match. If you haven’t watched this steamy leading man get his revenge on, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

If there’s anything Elijah’s come to be known for in his centuries of life, its his ability to love deeply without letting go. This vampire would do anything for the women he falls for, and it makes us swoon.

He may be young, but Peeta knows the value of love. Though he knows his love of Katniss isn’t initially returned, he stays loyal to her through a war that shakes the world.

Though both the leading man and the leading lady come out of war with scars, they find each other in the end. For loyalty alone, Peeta is the man of our dreams.

He’s cunning, charming, and more than a little bit wounded.

Though he started out as an underdog, Damon has come ahead as a fan favorite. His devilish charm and hint of darkness make him very appealing – not to mention the chemistry he shares with, well, everyone he’s even onscreen with. If you want a man to keep you awake all night, look no further than this Salvatore brother.

If you’re looking for a man with a checkered past who’s just trying to redeem himself, look no further than Aidan. The entirely of Being Human (the US version) is devoted to the question: can a mass murderer with a thirst for blood gain back his humanity?

His journey isn’t a straight line, and it’s filled with the wrong sort of relationship. But when Aidan finally finds his girl, he really makes it count. And that’s what we love about this vampire with a soul.

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