On Sale Now: Feral

It’s finally here! New release weekend. To celebrate, my latest book is on sale for 99 cents! Get the sequel to Primal before the price goes up.



When he looks at me… I see an animal.
There’s nothing human left in those eyes.
But somehow I know he can be saved,
Because part of me is falling in love with him.

It isn’t easy working for a federal agency that hunts supernatural creatures—especially when you are one yourself. But Lily Harlow is a cop through and through, determined to hunt down bad guys and put them away. Usually the job is easy… until she meets him.

Mason Vasquez is a shifter, plagued by the thoughts and feelings of an animal inside. He’s done things… bad things. So when a beautiful woman with a fiery attitude sees good in him, he tries to stay away.

But fate has other plans for them. A serial killer is loose in Belmont City, and the only way to find him is to work together.

Lily knows there’s something gentle deep inside Mason—given the chance, she could relax in his arms. If only his dark secrets didn’t get in the way. Taming this beast will be her most difficult task.

Can a powerful witch working for the enemy save a wild shifter from his own darkness?

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