Getting back in the game

It’s been a few years since I’ve released anything, I know. After finishing my series The Wild Heart Chronicles I found myself in a creative slump. The final two books in the series didn’t do as well as I’d hoped, and it was difficult to get them out of me. I outlined and started many other books, but none of them felt quite right—I was lost.

And then this year that changed. I found a new, exciting genre that seemed perfect for me. My life and work situation changed, and suddenly I had new inspiration.

Now I have a book almost ready to release. I’m going through the final edits now and so excited to put it out into the world. It’s the first in a series that I hope to write for a long time, because I can imagine even a dozen books in this world. I hope more than anything that my readers enjoy it—and that you forgive me for not being around for so long.

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