Wild Heart Chronicles

I know I shouldn’t want him, but I just can’t stay away.

Mara Finn is a good girl with her head on straight. When tattooed hunk Riker seduces her one night, they plan to never see each other again.

Fate has other plans for them. While Riker tries to keep Mara at arm’s length, the panther inside him purrs at her touch.

There’s something different about this bad boy—if only Mara could keep her finger on it… before she can she’s put in life-threatening danger.

Their animal attraction brings them together, but the world wants to tear them apart. Can love between a human and a shifter conquer all?

**No cliffhangers; HEA/HFN ending. For fans of Catherine Vale and Jennifer Ashley.**

My job is to take him in, but my heart says to keep him safe.

Working for the feds is tough. Lily Harlow is a cop through and through, but she’s also a witch—and an agent tasked with hunting down shifters gone rogue.

Usually the job is easy… then she meets him.

Mason Vasquez is a shifter with a dark past. So when a women like Lily comes around, he tries to stay away.

Fate has other plans. With a serial killer loose in Belmont City, they have to work together.

Until the evidence starts piling up against Mason, and Lily’s boss demands answers…

Can a powerful witch like Lily keep him safe? It’s what her heart demands.

**Feral is the sequel to Primal, and Book Two in the Wild Heart Chronicles.**

I don’t know my own name, but fate tied me to him.

Shifters are living under the streets of Belmont City, hiding from the federal agency that wants to see all paranormals dead.

Eden Brooks, a captive of scientists who torture her, doesn’t know all this. In fact, she doesn’t even know her own name… until a shifter named Alec rescues her and she winds up in the middle of a desperate fight.

Alec is a man who likes to stay neutral. Serving in the army taught him that following orders isn’t always in his best interest. But something about Eden’s delicate eyes, her sexy smile, makes him want to protect her for better or for worse.

Their love is inevitable, but so is the battle that could end it all.

Can someone like Eden help save them all? It’s what their future depends on.

**Savage is the sequel to Feral, and Book Three in the Wild Heart Chronicles. It is a complete novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers.**