Saving my sister’s life means catching a sinfully sexy bad boy. First, he wants me in his bed.

I’m Kara Ford, and all I have is my sister—until her cancer diagnosis. Saving her will set us back thousands we don’t have.

My uncle Liam has the money—but there’s a catch. He’s the crime lord of Boston and he has a job for me.

I have to catch legendary fighter Shane Wu and convince him to work for my uncle again.

Easier said than done. Finding Shane is no problem. Getting him to do what I want is impossible.

Until he propositions me, which is irresistible.

I’m a virgin, you see, but I’ve never wanted a man like this before.

This is one fight I’m not ready for.

I’m Shane, MMA champion, and I’m going to f*ck Liam Ford’s niece.

When I meet Kara, all I can think about is having her. But no way will I let her seduce me into going back to her uncle.

The crime lord of Boston is going to have to do more than send his sexy niece if he wants me to work for him.

Although I won’t resist a night… or two… making her scream my name. Virgins are more fun.

When she wants me to stick around for more, those doe eyes are impossible to resist.

Until some secrets come to light, and everything shatters around us.

The fight for our love will be the biggest fight of my life.

Full length romance, no cliffhangers, complete with a HEA and loads of strong language, sexy situations, lust, and love. This book is pure escapism from start to end. Previously published as Catching a Bad Boy.