Selena Pierce

I just learned I’m a part fae succubus. And I need to find the men to sate my sexual appetite…

Here I thought I was a normal college girl with a high libido. Turns out that’s wrong—I’m so much more. I have powers, and if I don’t learn how to control them, I’ll wind up killing someone.

Baton Rouge has never been so hot as it is when I meet Leon and Naomi. And Tae Min, Petyr, Elah, Vincent: all fae. Here to guide me into my new life.

A life that includes hunting down the demon summoner who framed my best friend for murder. Catching bad guys, meeting dark fae, making a harem—my new life is different.

Worst of all, now I know my parents lied to me. I was never theirs. And my real parents?

Well, they’ve got a hell of a surprise in store for me.

Life isn’t easy for a fae like me.

No one prepared me for being stuck in the Underworld with a mad woman who claims to be my mother.

Here I thought that finding out I’m a succubus would be the biggest shock of my life. It turns out that the paranormal world has a lot in store for me.

But escaping from Hell is just the start. Things have gotten worse on Earth while I’ve been gone, and I have the sneaking suspicion my mother is behind it all. When her followers break out of Hell with me, I’ll have to hunt them down.

Thankfully I’m not alone. I have Naomi, Leon, Elah, Tae Min, Petyr, and others by my side. Accepting that they care for me is harder now that I know more of who I really am.

Together, we’ll have to stop Hell on Earth—and my very existence is at the center of it all.