Selena Pierce

I just learned I’m a part fae succubus. And I need to find the men to sate my sexual appetite…

Here I thought I was a normal college girl with a high libido. Turns out that’s wrong—I’m so much more. I have powers, and if I don’t learn how to control them, I’ll wind up killing someone.

Baton Rouge has never been so hot as it is when I meet Leon and Naomi. And Tae Min, Petyr, Elah, Vincent: all fae. Here to guide me into my new life.

A life that includes hunting down the demon summoner who framed my best friend for murder. Catching bad guys, meeting dark fae, making a harem—my new life is different.

Worst of all, now I know my parents lied to me. I was never theirs. And my real parents?

Well, they’ve got a hell of a surprise in store for me.

Life isn’t easy for a fae like me.

No one prepared me for being stuck in the Underworld with a mad woman who claims to be my mother.

Here I thought that finding out I’m a succubus would be the biggest shock of my life. It turns out that the paranormal world has a lot in store for me.

But escaping from Hell is just the start. Things have gotten worse on Earth while I’ve been gone, and I have the sneaking suspicion my mother is behind it all. When her followers break out of Hell with me, I’ll have to hunt them down.

Thankfully I’m not alone. I have Naomi, Leon, Elah, Tae Min, Petyr, and others by my side. Accepting that they care for me is harder now that I know more of who I really am.

Together, we’ll have to stop Hell on Earth—and my very existence is at the center of it all.

The fact that I exist dooms life itself. Time to stop an apocalypse…

Being the daughter of the Queen of the Underworld isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Turns out I’m the thing that will end the world—if we don’t stop Mommy Dearest by Godspring.

With gods on my tail, demonic things torturing women, and a tangle of prophecies screaming about an apocalypse, I’ve got more than I bargained for.

But that’s not even the half of it. Things are heating up between me and my guys, and old flames are coming back to town. My love life may be the most complicated thing about me.

Did I mention I’m also turning twenty-one in the middle of a looming apocalypse?

Take that, normal. I’ll be seeing you again… never.