Phoenix Academy

I’m just a girl trying to survive. Dying? Unexpected. Coming back to life? Even more so. Now these four snarky demons are haunting me. Shirtless.

It turns out you can die and live again. At least I can.

When a night out goes murderously wrong, I chose leaping to my death over getting tortured. Except it turns out I don’t die like everyone else.

I’m a phoenix — or so they tell me. Apparently I need training at the Phoenix Academy.

What I really need is to get rid of the four demons haunting me wherever I go, showing up when my heart is beating fast — whether I’m nervous, afraid, or well… other things.

But I also wouldn’t mind learning how to light things on fire with my mind or take out a man twice my size with my bare hands. All things the instructors at the academy want to teach me… if I can survive long enough.

Because there’s something deadly lurking in these halls, and it’s coming for me next.

Welcome to the first year at Phoenix Academy, a place where the paranormal lives — and dies — and lives again.

This paranormal reverse harem contains mature themes, a few violent scenes, and no choosing. Reader discretion advised.

New teacher, new class, and a brand new challenge.

My four demons may have changed my life, but now it’s time to say goodbye.

They’re killing me, it turns out—or so my new Grim teacher Leo Meyer tells me.

If they don’t return to Purgatory soon, my powers will be drained forever. Too bad I can’t figure out how to send them home… even worse? I don’t want to.

There are other secrets in these halls. Who tried to kill me? Where did this new teacher come from? And why is it that, despite every instinct, I don’t want to say goodbye…

Welcome to the first year at Phoenix Academy, a place where the paranormal lives—and dies—and lives again.

I’m getting my guys back. But that’s just the start.

My bio father is a piece of shit—what else is new. I’ve got to catch him before he kills more students.

But he has secrets, it turns out. And a dire warning: someone is coming to kill me.

I don’t want to believe him. But then the worst of the worst happens, and the academy is attacked when our resources are depleted. I’ve got my friends, and Ezra, Sebastian, Mateo and Lynx, but it might not be enough to take her down.

There’s only one way to kill our attacker before she takes us down with us. But it’ll cost us everything.

Including, maybe, my guys…

Welcome to the first year at Phoenix Academy, a place where the paranormal lives—and dies—and lives again.

After everything that happened my first year at the academy, I just want to slow down. Enjoy some time with my guys and my friends. But family secrets keep coming to the surface, and there’s always someone out to steal my heart—or kill the students at the academy.

Can a girl get a break?

Apparently, not when that girl is me.

Join Dani and her guys for Dani’s sophomore year at Phoenix Academy.

Releasing in January 2020.

I have one mission: free my guys from their unfair contracts with Hell. The only problem is, they have to die to do it…

Will they forget me entirely?

I want to believe that our love can survive anything. Normally I’m right. But this time, I’m not so sure.

There has to be a way through this. I’ll do anything I can to free them.

Even if it means losing them forever…

Join Dani, Ezra, Sebastian, Lynx and Mateo for the final book in her story at Phoenix Academy. Everything will change in an instant… will they get their happy ending?