Coleridge Academy Elites

Four boys rule the halls of Coleridge: Cole, Lukas, Tanner, and Blake. Two months ago they harassed my twin brother until he took his own life. Now I’ll make them pay—no matter what it costs me.

I’m going to take my brother’s place at the academy, and get revenge on them. I’ve been studying these boys for months. I know just exactly who and what they are—and how to destroy them. I’ll do whatever it takes, even if I destroy myself in the process.

Even if it means hurting the wrong people.

But what if I got the details wrong?

What if I don’t know anything at all?

I’ve lost my brother, and I might lose more to this revenge. Even my heart. Even my soul.

Justice is a messy thing in the hands of a girl with nothing left to lose…

The Pawn is a bully/revenge romance with a reverse harem element. Reader discretion advised. Please read the author’s note inside with applicable warnings.

Revenge isn’t easy. Especially when you’re a girl like me.

I’ve learned the truth, and I’ve suffered for my sins. Not everything is as it seems, especially my brother, whose grave is cast in shadow. One thing is for certain, though: someone has to pay for what happened to him.

His murderers must come to justice.

So I make a deal with the devils themselves, and agree to take down an enemy with the Elites.

Lukas is sweet and kind.

Blake has hidden desires.

Wild Tanner will do and say anything.

But the one I understand the least is Cole…

Life is harsh. There’s no knight in shining armor who will save me from my enemies. Least of all myself.

Girls like me don’t deserve forgiveness.

Do we?

This book contains suspense, romance, and mature themes. Reader discretion advised. This is a reverse harem high school bully romance with a revenge plot.

Nothing at Coleridge is as it seems. Including the Elites. I thought they were my biggest enemy, but it turns out I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

Final release date, blurb, and cover reveal coming soon. To be released in 2020.