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First Kill

I’m Ellen Arizona, and I’m a murderer.

I know you’ve heard my name. They’re all talking about what I’ve done. But no one really understands why I did it. And no one understands me.

Except for the other killers at Cain University.

The Cain graduate program for killers is the only safe place left for me. But it comes with a catch: leave, and the consequences are deadly.

I need to stay. I have powers to train, and someone to kill next: the man who murdered my mother in cold blood. To get him, though, I’ll need to survive the first year program.

Easier said than done. Especially when I find out the four men I loathe, who hunted me and petitioned to kill me, are somehow connected to my powers. If we don’t learn to get along, it could spell doom—for them and for me.

First Kill is a brand new university-age first in a series, similar to The Magicians and Villain Academy. It has blood, gore, mature scenes, laugh out loud comedy, and a reverse harem enemies-to-lovers romance that will scorch off the pages. For readers 18+ only; please read the trigger warning inside.

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